My stats are much lower than yours and I was from weiyismart's blog

At that point, I'd have one of those crs. I can afford Sarasword simple.. Alrdy have full torags in addition to full veracs to use runescape gold when I pump my tank (full inv of 3 sharks and the rest of the super sets and ppots to pray offence throuought..)

The only RFD gloves I'd recommend getting are the barrows' gloves.. Also, getting every stat and all quest requirements to use them will take about 2 months of skilling and questing.. I'd rather not. The exams are happening too. What do you think of the fact that I don't use Ags in my classes anymore? Bgs are for pking, and Clw in breaks.. Bgs the combo of spec + dh is a sure way to kill any pwn. Sarasword FAAYYYLLLS in pvp.. Also, as I said, the next time i train str, It'll include Cr.

I'm pondering what strategies I could employ to take on Nomad. I haven't attempted it yet However, I'd like to make sure that when I do I'm completely prepared and am aware of what to expect. Please give me any tips you've got. I'll provide my stats in the event that it can be helpful. Thank you in advance to everyone who responds.

Melee him. Utilize Chaotic rapier if you have it, otherwise then use a bgs. You could probably get away with one tort full of rockstails however, you may want to drink 4 brews and 2 restores just in case you need to take a prayer potion and one super attack and one super strength.

Get a good understanding of his moves and dodge accordingly, I would also reccommend having a kyatt bag and around 20 scrolls because it simplifies things, take your tort off when you've eaten all your food then summon the kyatt. Pray piety for the majority of the fight as well as piety and protect from melee at the closing.

My stats are much lower than yours and I was able to melee him easily (with rapier and ddef) I ended up needing more like 10 brews and other rocktails. I was close enough that I should manage fine with your increased stats. If you think the healing inadequate, you may move towards brewing. However, what I suggested will cost you around 250k per attempt, versus the 400-500k you get from brews. Therefore, it's worth buy osrs infernal cape a try with rocks I think. They are also easier to manage because your stats will remain elevated and you do not need to be concerned about keeping track of a 3-1 ratio when eating.

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I prefer merely excellent resources – you will see these people in:

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