I have had good results with Man coverage in general from FryeJacob's blog

It took a lot of reading to understand the methods for Mut 22 coins becoming a better player. Sometimes, I've concentrated on Madden NFL-specific tutorials, mostly on YouTube. But I've also been exploring books and websites that focus on actual NFL teams and their methods such as Do Not Take Your Focus Off the ball from Pat Kirwin, for example has given me a better understanding of why teams select specific plays in certain situations and how they function against certain defensive defenses.

I diagnosed that my biggest issue was with defensive play. Although I'm generally able move the ball down the field when faced with difficulties against computers but I was relying on guesswork when deciding defensive formations and even though you could just about get away with this when you're playing against artificial intelligence but it's not possible to play this way when playing against an opponent on the internet, that can see the way you're playing and make modifications to take advantage of it.

My thinking was: If I could understand my defense more, I'll also know the strengths as well as weaknesses, meaning when I come to play offense, I'll know the best way to make my opponent vulnerable. So I started working on acquiring the basics of formations; I learned to stack the box into a 3-4 or 4-3 patterns when expecting a run, and also to incorporate Nickel or Dime when the opponent is likely to throw the ball - possibly on a second (or third) down.

I have had good results with Man coverage in general, but I started to utilize Zone when I was willing to buy Madden 22 coins give an opponent a bit of field. For instance, if I'm ahead with a couple of minutes left I'm comfortable allowing my opponent play in the front of me. I'll employ a Cover-3 deep formation to provide my opponent with some space, knowing that I'm likely to not give up a big play. However, I'm still at risk of being in the way if I do this - good players work the sidelines, for instance - however, I'm finding that generally successful.

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By FryeJacob
Added Dec 17 '21



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