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Since Diablo 2: Resurrected is a work loyal to the original, players can experience all the exploration content of the dungeon in the original version, including mysterious chat Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes gems.

Server problems in the game have always interfered with the player's process of creating the game. Everyone has no other choice but to wait. However, some new players may have noticed an ancient Easter egg directly under the character's name. It is an interactive gem, and it also appeared in the original version in 2000. It can create a chat message, and click on it to change its color.

When the player clicks the gem, it will enter the message "Gem Activated" in the chat, and it will emit a purple light. When you click it again, it will enter "Gem Deactivated" in the chat, and the light will change from purple to blue. These are some very obvious effects after the player presses the gem, but they still want to know if there will be more content afterwards.

We can know from the information on Diablo Wiki that after many clicks on gems in the past, other information such as "Perfect Gem Activated," rarely appears. Players even think this may mean that a gem temple will be added to the game, but this conjecture has never been confirmed. Although everyone currently does not know if Chat Gems will provide the same rare news in the current Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items remake version, there is still a certain possibility.

Jay Wilson, the chief designer of Diablo 3, discussed the chat gem in an interview in 2011, but he once said that this gem will not appear in the third work.

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