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As an MMO game, New World is impressive for its sociality. In some other MMO games, they are also very social. Players are chatting on various topics in the world or regions, and various hot spots are full of vitality. But compared with the new world, their social drive is still weaker. Taxation is one of the hotspots of chat in the new world.

General tax only exists in real life, but now, it will be unavoidable in the new world. If you want to gain control during factional wars, the key factor is to set tax rates in settlements. Adjustments to tax rates such as housing fees, sales and production fees are all within the jurisdiction of settlement owners. It should be noted that adjustments to high or low tax rates also require careful consideration. Because if the tax is set too high, you may become the target of rival factions that want to usurp you. If the tax is too low, more settlers will be attracted, but then you won’t make that much money. . Taxation issues in the new world are just like taxation issues in real life. A balance should be achieved.

In the beta version, when settlements were taken over by New World Coins Buy factions, faction chats became more lively, and everyone was discussing common topics. Discussing hostile targets or excessive taxes, etc., like players personally participating in the actual situation in the game, not just a virtual chat in the game.

When the players were chatting, they discussed the game enthusiastically. Whether it is the test version itself or the follow-up Brightwood and Windsward battle coordination and organization of counter-offensive and war strategies, the faction chat is very active. People stand in the perspective of developers and imagine the situation of PVP. This is an interesting mechanism whether it is fighting other people in most other games or in video games. It affects not only a single player, but the entire group of players. In addition to fighting for prestige, players themselves have become very motivated. You know, in social games, whether players participate in social interaction is a very important thing.

After the new world is fully launched, I don’t know how long this phenomenon will last, and the faction-wide coordination does not know whether it will continue as in the beta version. This may fail, or it may be included in the new world version of the guild. It is hoped that over time, such social games will grow and be in the leading position of MMO multiplayer games. Because the new world brings social interaction back to the MMO game, which makes the game experience seem to be better.

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