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We all know that the pharmaceutical or pharma industry is a very important global business with products being imported and exported between countries worldwide.


Having access to import export data can provide valuable market intelligence for pharmaceutical companies, traders, and analysts.


In this blog post we'll look at how to find import and export data especially for pharmaceutical products, focusing on using Siomex as a data source.


What is Siomex?


Siomex is an online database that provides import and export shipment data for over 200 countries.


The data is compiled from customs records and contains information on the companies, products, quantities and values of imports and exports.


Siomex has data available for the pharmaceutical industry that can be filtered and analyzed as needed.


Searching for Pharma Import Export Data on Siomex


The Siomex database can be searched by product or company name to find pharma import and export records.


For example, searching for "pharmaceuticals" will pull up global import and export data on medicinal drugs, vaccines, antibiotics and other pharmaceutical preparations.


The data can be filtered by country, year, month, and other parameters to narrow the results. For example you could filter for imports of pharmaceuticals into the United States in 2022.


This would show the companies exporting to the US, the specific products, quantities and values.


Analyzing Data for Market Intelligence


Once you've extracted the pharma import and export data you need from Siomex, it can then be analyzed to gain market insights, such as:


Identifying top exporters and importers for a particular product worldwide or within a region. This shows key player countries and companies in the trade of that product.


Looking at trends over time in the quantities and values of imports and exports. This provides intelligence on market growth and opportunities.


Comparing export/import ratios between countries. Imbalances may indicate local shortages or excesses that could be business opportunities.


Looking for new entrants in the trade of a product, which may indicate rising production and exports.


Identifying relationships between exporters and importers. Who is trading with whom for particular products?


Siomex provides a valuable database of pharmaceutical import and export data that industry professionals can mine for market intelligence and business opportunities.


By searching for and filtering the records by product, company, country, time period and other criteria, detailed insights can be gained into the global pharmaceutical trade.


Siomex offers an efficient way to access the customs shipment data needed to understand today's complex pharma import and export markets.


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