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The playable version of NBA 2K22 is richer and MT 2K22 more balanced. Even though offensive actions aren't disregarded, games are no longer resolved solely near the rim thanks to new dribbling, defense and blocking options. New shooting technology complements all the adjustments and makes the game more enjoyable in bringing out the best gaming experiences that, if not perfectly, are pleasant. For the average player and for the player who is not so passionate about basketball the method of arranging seasons and events can b... more
Alexis Jan 24 · Tags: mt 2k22
The career mode in which you make your own character as MT 2K22 you go through a storyline is completely novel. Alongside your basketball career, you could also develop your own fashion lines and music career. The interactions you engage in with your friends aren't as entertaining as they were in GTA but they're also less convincing. There are positive aspects to it, but the experience may turn into an exercise due to these extras. You may choose to leave out all the extras but it may take longer until you get a contract w... more
FryeJacob Dec 8 '21 · Tags: mt 2k22
Marcia Johnson
It's time to get the party started! Step up your game with the improved on-court gameplay, live out your basketball life in the new Neighborhood, or head over to MyTEAM and start putting together your ultimate dream team of friends and family. In MT 2K22, anyone can make a basket from anywhere. Specs and Specification Get a Glimpse of the Action:Assume the role of your favorite NBA and WNBA teams and players, and you'll get to see and feel what it's like to play at the highest levels of the game. Discoveries and Seasons aplenty:... more
Marcia Johnson Sep 15 '21 · Tags: mt 2k22