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Eden Hamilton
This video was chosen as an entrance because it has a good mix of tropical and jungle beauty, which I found appealing. In addition to showing a variety of themes in this video, I also wanted to show a good mix of tropical and jungle beauty. I like it because the bridge is right in front of it, and I believe that this bridge is not frequently used in general, diablo 2 resurrected items so it's nice to see it in a tropical setting. This creator uses a simple cliff ledge to give the impression that the resident services are far awa... more
Eden Hamilton Feb 21 '22 · Tags: diablo 2 items
Eden Hamilton
There are a number of farming locations in Diablo 2, which are detailed in the following section. We've brought back each location, along with brief descriptions of what can be found there. This guide will include, among other things, a comprehensive list of all relevant end-game farm locations, as well as their exact locations, which will be included in this guide. The Area Level of a Diablo 2 items property, in addition to the Magic Find feature, is an important factor to consider when creating your character's character profile... more
Eden Hamilton Dec 18 '21 · Tags: diablo 2 items