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Nex was teased in RuneScape gold December by an official trailer which read: "The prophecy foretold of an ancient warrior, locked in a prison deep below Trollheim. A force so powerful as well as ruthless that the four armies of opposing sides joined forces to stop its wickedness. They named her The Fifth General. She is said to have a stash of artefacts that are powerful and an enchanted seal is all that separates the brave from her evil wrath." On today (January 5,) Nex is unleashed on Old School Runescape after 90 percent of the... more
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In all honesty but, I've never felt greater joy and satisfaction RuneScape gold than when I got better in certain areas of gaming. My first victory at Arraxi first kill at Nex, doing my first triple dinosaur BGH performing a flawless round of shifting Tombs as well as others and I felt overwhelmed when I achieved these things, and I'm sure that no 99/120 ever will even come close to feeling that same way. That, I believe, ought to be the way it is now, with 99's being more a result of something that happens in the road, and not a des... more
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