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NBA 2K23 is 2K MT known for being the most realistic basketball simulator however, I'm sure no one thought of a year in which they Los Angeles Lakers, led by LeBron James, would be eliminated from the playoffs. Also, the Brooklyn Nets, with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and Kyrie Irving, would be eliminated by the early round. It's time to take the game into your own hands, choose how you want to play, and take to basketball court in NBA 2K23. NBA 2K23 Announces Takeoff 2 Pack Series, New Locker Code NBA 2K23 provides details o... more
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The Bucks would come 2K MT close to taking home the 2023 NBA Championship, but their efforts were defeated from the Suns. In a Final series that ran for 7 games Phoenix is able to defeat Milwaukee, putting an end to Milwaukee's excellent season and an incredible post-season run. Giannis Antetokounmpo, NBA 2K23's greatest power forward, falls short of winning his second consecutive trophy, but the Greek Freak won't need to wait for long to have another chance to win the trophy. The Phoenix Suns, congratulations on winning the NBA 2... more
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Triple Threat rewards players 2K MT for winning by offering higher reward. If the players lose, they'll start making their way towards the bottom of the reward scale through the loss of points. Quitting can negatively impact NBA 2K23 rewards, issuing the full twenty-one points taken away as if it were a fully played out game. NBA 2K23 5 players rated too High (& 5 Rated too low) NBA 2K23 is out and as usual there's debates about some players being rated too high in the game and others who could have done more. Like all game... more
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