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In all honesty but, I've never felt greater joy and satisfaction RuneScape gold than when I got better in certain areas of gaming. My first victory at Arraxi first kill at Nex, doing my first triple dinosaur BGH performing a flawless round of shifting Tombs as well as others and I felt overwhelmed when I achieved these things, and I'm sure that no 99/120 ever will even come close to feeling that same way. That, I believe, ought to be the way it is now, with 99's being more a result of something that happens in the road, and not a destination to begrudgingly inch towards.

And like a few people on this thread have mentioned the idea of giving 99's an inherent benefit in the skill capes they earn could be seen as being an inverted direction, as players will feel pressured to play through outdated or boring material to get advantages in certain aspects of the game they want to play. The same is true for certain high levels of skills being tied to the requirements of quests and diaries. Good for making additional goals and benefits to go for, but not good for the time when the trip is a complete snoozefest taking away time from content you want to play. The "if you don't like it don't do it" approach is the same that is used to justify the atrocity of daily scapes that have managed been able to infiltrate the many aspects of"Ros3" and that we all agree that we don't want anything like that returning back to Old School, especially not using the excuse that "no one is forcing you to do it".

There's an elation of achievement with boosts in XP rates and other shortcuts however, the achievement does not (and I would argue SHOULDN'T) originate from the numbers or time involved. Both games have plenty of grinds, without doubt, and I think they should keep the same. But, I do hope that they each work to improve their grinds, content that is entertaining for its own purposes rather than as a faster or more efficient way to a conclusion.

Provide players with options that could be lower XP, but they'll be able to do. I am not looking for Runescape to lose the grind It's an option, and there's a market it and I think it's a great way to stand out in the crowd However, I do not wish to have the patience or time to click three spots repeatedly again to be cheap RS gold the primary grind for a fair amount of skills in-game. I like that OSRS is a game that players who have a "more than time equals more success" attitude can thrive and compete, but I don't think that should be the primary alternative for players.

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By sage
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