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It's using CCB in frosts and OSRS GP layer. Frosts is a steady 2m/hr. CCB lasts for 10+ hours, so a repair of 2 minutes is essentially nothing. For most jobs, you'll be able to gain a lot more than the amount of money lost due to charges. I'm able to say that my gun loses only 0-1% for each job, that's just 20k. Nothing compared to the difference you can achieve in just one drop.

If you purchase the CCB you'll be using it to replace the RCB all over the world, but you'll not be rigourous everywhere. I piety every task. Why should I not apply discipline? (Actually there's a reason the reason is that range does not receive good prayer bonus equipment like Proselyte. In order to get prayer bonus I have to compromise, e.g. the Sw cape to Ava's Divided D-tooth for ranging amulet ...)

CCB is worth the cost at Frosts If I can achieve maybe a 1 or 2 minute improvement to speed on each of my runs. I'm sure it's good, but I'm just curious if Rigour could be more efficient. It's also the case that I get rid of bolts even while wearing the Alerter of Ava (not knives however). The additional cost/hit from chaotic would be noticable, as Ava's does nothing to reduce the cost. We're not quite sure however I'll decide what I want to purchase when I'm at 90 Dg.

I was thinking about returning to slayer training and now I am pondering which equipment i should get. The gear I have is a known fact that does not help me in at all with my tasks. The helm of neitnoz, the glory torags platebody, dragon legs and boots and the regen. What I'm thinking about is selling the bgs, buying guthans and perhaps an ax.

For any tasks in which i would need an area for shields, I could use the old armor set-up with a whip, and whatever the shield is required to be. If it helps, the total amout of cash i have without selling the bgs amounts to 2.8mil. Please feel free to suggest modifications to buy OSRS gold this.

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By Alexis
Added Jan 27



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