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The discount list stays the same. And if you get pm's form... noob5555 and you dont need, simply add to ignore.Also from the OSRS gold options menu there may be a button which turns friend request off. I think this could be helpful for not having friend list junk (having random people that you pm once in your listing ), and it would be easier to say no to random men and women who wish to be your buddy. And because its really a hassle trying to type someones name(or clicking ) to your friend list, then erasing them,or forgeting to take off them, having a lot of random people on your friend list. I present the Note journal. Description:A part in the quest tab to write down notes.Conditions I promised to describe: Trade box: This is simply a box near the top of your friendlist at which you can set a friend you would like to exchange with in. Both players must have each additional added before you can set the other on your commerce box.

Trade Retailer: This can be a box alongside your bank by means of a tab, like that of the recent shop upgrade. Basically, it's the same as a normal trade box, but you can add things to another participant's box. You put in what you are willing to trade away, and set in the other hand what you wish to get in return. This selection system could be made by a item lookup or something similar. If the other individual's mailbox is set up the same manner (e.g., both individuals have the very same things in their boxes to trading off and trading to), then the deal is accepted without Buy rs3 gold needing to find a time to satisfy ingame. This probably will need some fine grained, but I think it would be really nice to have, seeing as not all runescapers are at exactly the very same timezones. Fire away!

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By Kingang
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