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Building bird houses require smithing of level 8 to process steel bars to clockworks at crafting table 2 in an owner-occupied house. Although they are available on the GE they're not sold very often. Hop Seeds which are another essential product can be bought for RS gold a couple of gold coins. After the run is over, the birdhouses bring feathers and nests. Since bird nests are one more straightforward ways of collecting clue scrolls, they could be auctioned off to GE for a substantial profit.

For this method to work, players must have completed the Bone Voyage quest which requires 100 kudos in the Varrock museum among few things. If we determine the above methods to be most efficient and profitable there might need to move the locations every now and then so that you don't get bored in boredom.

Purchase a noose wand at any store selling hunter items or buy the one at Grand Exchange. Find a snowy area north-east to Rellekka. This is where you'll find burrows belonging the Polar Kebbits. To begin your hunt, go to inside the burrow, then follow the tracks to find another Kebbit hiding place. Once you have found an accumulation of snow, you'll be able to attack it by using a noose wand or snare Kebbit.

Purchase bird snares either from Grand Exchange or from hunter shop located in Yanille and walk to the beach located east to the east of Feldip Hunter Area. You will find Crimson Swifts there. You can set up traps and begin taking them to gain experience, you'll need about 40 to get to 11th level.

In the most northern part of Rellekka there is a place to find these creatures. The fastest and most simple method to reach them is Fairy Ring teleportation with DKS code. Using bird snares you can get them to the level of 19.

Utilizing the same traps as last time , you'll be able to capture Wagtails in the bottom right corner in the Feldip Hunter area. The quickest way of getting there is to also teleport with fairy ring (AKS codes).

After completing Monkey Madness second part hunters will be able to access these creatures inside Kruk's Dungeon. Since bananas are required to attract Monkeys it would be best to use earth, nature and water runes that allow players to cast the Bones To Bananas spell.

You will not have to worry about being short of bananas when hunting in this spot. In order to set traps you have to climb on Stunted Demonic Gorrillas and after your bananas are gone, it is time to depart to cast the Bones To Bananas again. During your grinding, you are able to cheap OSRS GP be able to Monkey Tail which can be purchased at Grand Exchange for around 500k.

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