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Achievement of cheap OSRS gold Lunar Diplomacy quest, Castle Wars Balloon, access to more battlestaves upon completion of Varrock Diaries or through the 66 Magic. In the process of creating Battlestaves is an extremely popular way to earn some gold. Along with the profit, you'll also gain experience with two abilities - Crafting and Magic. This way of gold making involves a lot of planning but at the end of the day, it is more rewarding in comparison to crafting normal Air Staves.

In the beginning, you should get a few of the most important items into your collection - the Beautiful Outfit, Fire Staff, Ring of Duelling and the Anti-Dragon Shield. If that's not enough, it is also necessary to carry cosmic runes logs, and best possible solution that you can afford. Rest of the items in your inventory should be filled with non-powered orbs. If you're less that 70 Agility you won't be able to access the shortcut. So ensure that you bring along a Dust Key.

Start with The Castle Wars and take the balloon to Taverley. Once you are on the spot , you will be able to walk towards and towards the Fire Obelisk. It'll require at least 70 Agility (80+ is recommended). Charge all the orbs you've purchased and return to the Castle Wars to repeat the process.

Once you're done the charging process, create Battlestaves out of the orbs . You can then utilize High Alchemy to turn them into gold. Because if you're below 70 Agility, this process is very run intensive , you may have to do performing additional tasks such as fletching, or alching. This is something you can do in the spare time between runs, while waiting to regenerate your endurance.

Utilizing Pickaxes, you will be able to buy rs3 gold make a rich essence, and then using a an axe you'll be able to honor the stones. With the stone you've prepared, you'll be able to sprint to the Blood Altar to charge Runes. If you're able satisfy the requirements and increase the efficiency of your runs you should make at least 212 Blood Runes within a single visit to the altar. Each one of them could be sold later for sale to Ali Morrisane for 200gp. This means that in theory you should be able to generate over 300k gold an hour and still have around 40k experience.

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