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If it's not selling then it's likely to be an item which isn't popular and that means you've selected an item that isn't worth the price, also the RS gold rate you've decided to set is too high. I would not recommend bringing the price down until a day or two after you have put the offer up. Rememberthat merchandising isn't something that happens overnight; it takes patience.

I'd advise buying everything online g.e. If you're using the raw materials, like raw fish, logs, herbs, etc. then I would recommend selling them in the streets for an agreed price per item. If you're selling other items (basically non-skilling objects) then I'd sell it via the g.e. It may take a while however, this is the best option, as it's harder to find someone looking for ten dragon platelegs than running 2k natural runes.

If you're looking to start merchandising, I'd suggest at least 10, if not more. General advice: don't be concerned about being unable to make money at first. It happens to all of us. When I first startedout, I lost about 6m on one day. Just keep with it and you'll begin to comprehend the economics and market dynamics of running games better. I've stopped merchandising in favor of skilling. It's the most efficient way to make some money.

At level 74, I've already earned 200 quest points, and I've been playing since level 15. I'd love to get a suggestion regarding equipment and inventory (food and potions, etc.) for questing in general. Items to keep in your bag for all times.

Anyone who comes forward. It's always good to have a good supply of potions of all kinds and other substances like ropes. An arsenal of combat equipment of all type is also beneficial. For instance, having a dragon hides for bosses, which come with powerful mage abilities and mage gear as well as runes to use it during your quests.

It's really a matter of your personal preference. I personally (around your statistics) take my rune set as well as a berzerker's helm also my whip. I'd bring them for nearly every quest, while being prepared with the required items and some food, incase it becomes necessary. As a quest cape holder at the time being I'm going to say that you've picked the right path when performing quests. The rewards are quite generous, but cheap OSRS GP it's an excellent incentive to increase every aspect of your stats.

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By weiyismart
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