Since, let's face it all it takes is a single from weiyismart's blog

I had gotten into the game. I played around with Burning Crusade Classic Gold being a GM in my personal RP guild (lasted approximately three months ). It wasn't all that bad. I'm still in the guild on an Alt.

However, I was very of a "noob" at the game. Poor DPS I couldn't even check my stats and didn't use WoWhead.

I was obviously unhappy with the other members of the group apart from one warlock.

When the dungeon had been completed I received an invitation to a party, and she ushered me into her Garrisson.

And finally, calmly, patiently provided me with all the information that she explained, as well as the places I could go to find them.

I was told good rotations and everything.

She had no motive to take this action. She was from an entirely different realm. I was already in an organization. There was no need for her to aid me. But she did take time in her schedule to provide me with tips and help me grow. Giving me the basics and providing some suggestions to play as a Warlock.

I can't even remember her name. Following that, I've not seen her since. I was loyal to her kindness and patience. This makes me feel happy :)

What stories do you have of people going out of their way to improve the playing place for you?

Since, let's face it all it takes is a single individual helping out a new player, being kind to allow a new player to emerge and then enjoy the game. :)

It happened on 8.2, Nazjatar at midnight. My guild and I racked the town and decided to enter warmode. It was a blast of fighting and me being a BDK I didn't really die because infinite sustain on guards.

Then after a few minutes, they begin to fall asleep But after killing hundreds of people my Alliance Slaying Quest ended (the one in which you have to kill 10 enemies in one go without dying as cheap WOW TBC Gold your location is broadcast on the map).

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By weiyismart
Added Nov 23 '21



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