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At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard announced Torghast, Tower of the Damned as one of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ brand-new endgame features. It’s now available for testing in the Shadowlands alpha. Here’s how it works, and the rewards you can earn by competing.To get more news about cheap WoW Items, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

Blizzard said last week that Torghast was inspired by roguelikes — games like Hades and Dead Cells, where each failed run rewards you with knowledge and skill that aid in your next attempt. Unlike a traditional World of Warcraft dungeon, Torghast has fixed levels with procedurally generated enemy spawns. The floors start simple, and eventually evolve into elaborate wings with traps, locked doors, and puzzles.

But getting through Torghast takes more than your usual skills. As you climb the tower, you can find Anima Powers. These abilities only function in Torghast for your current run, and can fundamentally change your play style. You can also collect a new resource called Phantasma, which you can spend at the Shackled Broker for items or new Anima Powers.The Anima Powers themselves affect all kinds of things. One may increase your movement speed, while another could buff a stat. But depending on the Covenant you’ve devoted yourself to, you’ll have access to different types of Anima Powers. Each class also has unique ones to choose from.

You can find Anima Powers by completing bonus objectives, discovering them hidden in levels, and many other ways. You can check out the full list of powers on WoWHead.

Unlike World of Warcraft’s other endgame dungeon activity, Mythic+ dungeons, Torghast is not timed. Instead, you have a limited number of lives before your run comes to an end. Once you’ve died a certain number of times, a giant, unkillable boss called the Tarragrue will spawn at the entrance to your current floor, and will slowly lumber toward the exit. If the Tarragrue spots you, it’ll chase you down and kill you in a single strike. But if you can reach the end of the current floor before the Tarragrue does, you’ll escape to the next floor.Successfully climbing up Torghast’s floors will eventually net you a Legendary chest. Here you can pick up powerful materials to take out of Torghast and craft powerful gear of your choice.

In an interview with Twitch streamer Towelliee, senior game designer Paul Kubit revealed some additional details around how Torghast will actually work in Shadowlands. Players will need to grind keys to access Torghast, and rewards won’t be as frequent after you’ve already collected a set amount during a week.

The goal of the dungeon isn’t to offer you gear to equip, but quests to complete and materials to craft your own gear. According to Kubit, you may also run into some well-known World of Warcraft souls on these quests.

Torghast is an important part of the Shadowlands endgame, and something you should be able to access shortly after reaching the max level. Kubit also told Towelliee that Torghast will remain a key feature in Shadowlands, and that the team plans to add new floors and features as the expansion ages.

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