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If the player is a novice to Path of Exile, then they will be confused by the strange terms that can be seen everywhere in the game, such as ascendancy, POE Currency, POE Orbs and so on. Path of Exile’s Ascendancy system is a unique and comprehensive system. Novice players may need to spend a lot of time and energy in the game to slowly understand how to rise in Path of Exile. Choosing to purchase POE Currency will help players understand the game faster.

POE Lab Trials is a randomly generated dungeon full of puzzles, traps, and monsters. And finally ended with a decisive battle with Boss Izaro. Completing the POE Lab Trials with a specific character for the first time unlocks one of the unique POE Ascendancy categories corresponding to the character players are playing. After unlocking the POE Ascendancy profession, players can also unlock POE Ascendancy Skills, skill points, and various unique POE Currency from the Ascendancy skill tree. If players want to speed up the progress, they can go to buy POE Orbs.

There are 6 POE Trial of Ascendancy in POE Labyrinth. To start the trial of ascension, you must enter the San camp and enter the candidate’s square through the goddess statue. Players need to note that all 6 trials in POE Labyrinth must complete at once without death. This may be difficult, players can choose to go to Buy Exalted Orbs to speed up the progress. Players can also try multiple POE Trial of Ascendancy if they wish. There are no waypoints in POE Labyrinth. If the players unfortunately die, it will resurrect them in the town and the POE Labyrinth operation will end.

After completing the POE Trial of Ascendancy, players will unlock POE Ascendancy skills in their skill tree. Each Ascendancy has its own unique skill tree, and players will get Ascendancy skill points, which can freely allocated according to their own preferences. Of course, if players want to make their characters powerful quickly, it is a good way to go to buy POE Currency.

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